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Welcome to my website!

Hello everyone,

My name is Lpfreaky90, I'm a Dutch female human being and I love portal 2!
Over the past two years I've mapped a lot for the game and I now think I know something about mapping in general and specially about portal 2 level- and puzzle design.
Most time I've spent on creating a mod called Portal Stories: Mel. It's not finished, I don't have an ETA yet, but it will come. I am working on it. And during the creation of the mod I learned so much about portal 2 level design that I'm 100% sure that the delay is totally worth it. If we had released the mod when we had the first levels done it would have never been the quality it is right now.

To help my fellow mappers I am always happy to help with mapping tips and other help; either drop me a pm on thinkingwithportals.com (loads of helpful folks there!) or add me on steam (username Lpfreaky90). I also play through a lot of maps where I give comments on level- and puzzle design. If you're interested in my comments on your stuff, contact me via the same methods as before and I'll give it a go!

I put most finished maps in the sidebar to the left so you can click on them and download and hopefully enjoy them!
If you have any questions regarding to mapping or portal 2 in general; feel free to add me on steam: username Lpfreaky90!

Mel: Paint fling

Map #8 in the Portal Stories: Mel mod.

This map is a clean style map. It has speed gel and bounce gel and a cube you have to be careful with, it serves various purposes!
The map is 100% done, waiting for the release of the mod.

Difficulty: 7/10

Mel: Run around

Map #10 in the Portal Stories: Mel mod.

What happens when you re-create your first map, but with a twist quite early in development?
- You end up with a totally different level that very very far away is somewhat different
But yeah, early in the mod, so a lot of things were not the quality what we wanted so it's currently re-build from scratch AGAIN!
The map now features various styles, impressive enviroments. Cubes, fizzlers and a funnel.
Are you up for the challenge?
This map is currently getting visual upgrades and the final parts are being worked on.

Difficulty: 9/10

Mel: Just one laser

Map #14 in the Portal Stories: Mel mod.

A very easy puzzle, just aim one laser to one catcher and you're done...
Oh, wait... First you need to solve some other puzzles...
This map was one of the first maps designed for portal stories and it's still bloody awesome! Features a laser puzzle you've never seen before in portal 2!
This level is currently undergoing graphical upgrades.

Difficulty: 6/10
ps: hello MuckPie